Superintendents Look Forward to 2020

We are excited for the upcoming year and look forward to working alongside our allied associations and the Nevada Golf Alliance to help propel Nevada golf forward and to support its growth and stability for years to come.

The Southern Nevada Golf Course Superintendent’s Association (SNGCSA) continues to see great growth and momentum as an association. While the association functions in many capacities, the main goal is to provide all superintendents, assistant superintendents, equipment managers and affiliates with continuing education, valuable networking and important resources that help each facility succeed and thrive in Southern Nevada.  We also function as a local chapter under the larger umbrella of the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA), which continues to do tremendous work at the state and national level to promote the game of golf, environmental conservation and the professional development of its’ members.  

Locally in 2019, we were able provide top-tier speakers from agronomic leaders such as Michigan State, Penn State and regional organizations such as the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) and many others. At all educational meetings, members have the opportunity to gain pesticide applicator educational points (CEU’s) and points with the national association, GCSAA. We are thankful for our partnership with the local golf clubs who graciously host our events as we all strive for the common goal of efficient and successful golf operation in a challenging market place/environment.

Every year we look to build on the momentum of the last and 2020 will be no different. Annually, we hold our Scholarship & Research Event which has had terrific success the last several years.  Not only do we continue to grant educational scholarships to local students annually, but we have now raised enough funds to start local research in Southern Nevada. This is a very exciting position to be in as very little data has been collected locally.  Instead, most southwestern research has be centered in Phoenix and Palm Springs, which is actually quite different than the LV Valley. Due to the differences in seasonal temperatures and soil/water conditions, any research done to hone in on agronomic strategies, turf varieties, fertilizer/chemicals use, etc. that work best in our environment will be a huge help to our members. Next month, we will be sending out a survey to our members to gain insight into what the top three pressing agronomic issues are and we will then move forward with a comprehensive research study which will be done in cooperation with local facilities.  We are excited to push forward with this project and to pass along its’ results by year’s end in 2020. All the thanks goes to our local vendors, host golf facilities, sponsor corporations, GCSAA and our members to see this study come to fruition.

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